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Concept & Development

Having the right concept when starting a business is crucial however knowing how to make it work well for you and your customers is the next step.

In order to create your business and make significant advances on the road of success, Fusion are dedicated to identifying the best solutions, not only from a technical perspective, but also possible solutions from the challenges in creating your perfect business.

Restaurant Design & Branding

At Fusion Restaurant Consultants we understand the importance of creating the right image for your business. Design & Branding for an existing business or new business is extremely important for maintaining and attracting a high level of loyal customers. 

Nutritional Analysis

With todays range of foods from around the world it is important to understand the fundamentals of nutrition and ingredients including allergens such as Gluten, Dairy and many more. These objectives play a major role in the creation of Menu Layout, Display Boards and Labelling.

Bar & Beverage Management

Fusion Restaurant  Consultants Bar & Beverage Management programme is not just about knowing how to pour a drink, make cocktails and knowing which wine goes with which meal, it will also provide the knowledge of ingredients, storage temperatures, product labelling and the possible effects of poor hygiene should the above not be carried out correctly. 

Food & Hygiene

The hospitality sector has strict guidelines to be followed in order to maintain a high level of cleanliness and sanitation, particularly when preparing and serving food to the general public. These guidelines are set, checked and monitored by the local authorities and is very important that they are adhered to. At Fusion Restaurant Consultants we advise you of the methods and precautions you will need to run a successful kitchen as well as how to keep up to date with hygiene courses and kitchen management.

Hospitality & Management Training

Customer service skills play a large part in creating a good first impression. At Fusion Restaurant Consultants we pride ourselves on our communication, presentation, creativity and thinking skills when it comes to delivering a 5 star customer service experience to everyone involved. By helping to create a happy and enthusiastic work force you will unlock your team's potential and ultimately your own success story.

Interior & Exterior Design

Here at Fusion Restaurant Consultants we can help you design the best layout, colour scheme and furnishings & restaurant menu design ideas for your business with our wide range of contacts and professionals at our finger tips.

Health & Safety

With our many years of international  experience within the industry our knowledge and expertise in Health & Safety sector we recognise the importance of workplace Hazards and how to implement the best standards and protocols. 

Project Management

Relax knowing that your business is in good hands. At Fusion Restaurant Consultants we will project manage your business from start to finish. From building and design to food and beverage suppliers, we've got it covered.

Operation Assessment & Streamlining

We understand how important it is to run your business smoothly. This will help to minimize wastage and losses. Our goal is to make your business successful for you. By using our tried and tested protocols we can streamline your products and services to maximise your earning potential.

Employment & Recruitment

Full time or Part time we can help find the right staff for you. Fusion Restaurant Consultants has a very thorough interview process to ensure we place the right people in the right environment. We can also offer a full training programme to ensure staff are kept up to date with all current regulations in the work place.

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